DataCard TruCredential Enterprise ID Card Software


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DataCard TruCredential Enterprise ID Card Software

DataCard TruCredential Enterprise ID Card Software allows you to streamline your organization’s enrollment, issuance and data management with enhanced features and functionality

When you need to issue credentials with higher levels of security, Datacard® TruCredential™ Integrated Solutions software provides a next-generation solution. This modern, intuitive, browser-based platform provides the core software tools needed to design, print and manage IDs and credentials.

Enhanced Features. Issue more sophisticated credentials including smart cards, with pre-built support for configuring smart card personalization options.

Customization Toolkit. TruCredential workflows can be modified to create event triggers or data transformation with your own customer code

Integrates with Enterprise Software. Integrate with a variety of enterprise level solutions, including Oracle, HR Systems (People Soft) and PACs systems. This includes the ability to leverage pre-built integrations with LDAP and HR system technologies to access records from TruCredential software.

Easy to Deploy Within Organization. This web based software allows users to easily deploy and manage the software across their network or campus. The fact that a dongle is not required allows the software to be on multiple computers at the same time, therefore you only pay for concurrent users, not per license.

  • Centrally manage credential designs, workflow templates and printer configurations while still allowing data capture from distributed locations while providing an audit trail.
  • Install and configure client workstations quickly
  • Restrict user access using the role-based access control mechanism.

Datacard® TruCredential™ Enterprise edition offers features just right for you — whether you’re just starting a credential issuance program or need to grow your current capabilities, including:

  • C.Cure PACS Integration
  • PeopleSoft HR system integration support
  • Higher scalability up to hundreds of user stations.
  • Customization Toolkit for modifying workflows using your custom code

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