ID Card Lanyards

ID Card Lanyards: Everything You Need to Know

ID Card Lanyards offer increased security and professionalism

Lanyards are an essential and extremely useful asset for ID card display. In addition to the security benefits that lanyards help provide – such as the easy visibility of identification credentials for employees, clients, and guests, lanyards, and ID cards offer an increased appearance of professionalism for your business or event. When you choose the right products, such as those offered by Digicard Services, lanyards, and ID cardholders also increases the longevity of your badges. Lanyards can be worn around the neck or around your arm, securely hold your ID card without attaching to (or damaging) your clothing, and allow free movement of your hands, which is especially useful to caregivers.

ID cards displayed with lanyards allow employees, guests, and security to quickly and easily identify one other at your workplace, corporate event, or party. Lanyards and ID cardholders can be fully customized with company logos, school colors, or for a special event. Other accessories such as clip-on badge holders, sleeves, and retractable reels keep ID card badges easily accessible and prevent wear and tear.

When considering lanyards, there are a number of options to keep in mind. Your lanyard can display the ID card credentials either vertically or horizontally, and a variety of materials are available, such as standard woven nylon, or Earth-friendly bamboo and recycled polyester. For attachment type, Digicard Services offer a split ring, swivel hook, or slider hook, and breakaway clips are available that release if the lanyard accidentally becomes hooked on an object.

Lanyards are available in different colors, pre-printed with descriptions such as “visitor,” “event staff,” and “contractor,” and for special causes such as a pink awareness theme. Of course, you can always design your own using our easy-to-use online tool.

Richard Delaney
Author: Richard Delaney

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