Custom ID Cards

Let US do it for you - we'll be your ID Badge Department

These badges are Custom designed and can contain any of the following fields:

  • Logos
  • Text  – Names, titles etc.
  • Static Text – All cards have same information, Mission Statements, Addresses,etc.
  • Photo – jpeg, bmp, gif, tiff, etc.
  • Barcodes – we can provide auto incrementing numbers that will interface with most readers
  • Mag stripe – Hi-Co or Lo-Co
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We Can Save Your Organization Money Five Ways:

  • No employees to train and take time away from their normal duties.
  • Your organization does not have to buy and maintain an ID card printer.
  • Customers tell us they save as much as 40% over their cut laminate and paste system.
  • Plastic cards will last longer than laminated cards.
  • Digicard will maintain a database and image file for your organization. If an employee loses their card, we can replace it immediately.

We will:

  • Design your ID card
  • Download Photos and Data
  • Set up and maintain database
  • Set up and maintain image file
  • Produce your ID cards as needed
  • Ship to your location within 48 hrs.
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Health Care
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Student ID Cards
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Employee ID Cards
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Home Owners Association
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Event Passes
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Loyalty Cards
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And So Much More!

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