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Bar/Bat Mitzvah Custom ID Cards

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Custom ID Cards are a Memento that will last forever.

What’s better for your child’s bar/bat mitzvah than custom ID cards, complete with their friends’ names, photos, date and location, or whatever else you want to include. If you want to jazz up your kid’s party with customized cards, let Digicard Services work with you to make the a completely unique gift for your special day.

With custom ID cards, you provide with any images, backgrounds, colors, or fonts you want to use on the card, and we make and print the cards. This means you can create custom cards for each guest, with their photo, name, and anything else you want on the card. The benefit here is all you need to provide is the photos and names, and Digicard Services will work with you to create whatever type of card you want. We print the finished cards here and ship to you, at a price extremely competitive with the PDF templates, and you don’t have to use your own printer, ink or paper. Simply put the finished card in a badge holder and lanyard and you’re done. Digicard Services’ Professional Staff  can match any color you want, and use custom backgrounds and designs to make your cards completely personalized. ID card printers create high-definition images on a sturdy PVC cards that are the same size and thickness as a credit card.

Other options, such as PDF templates, only allow you to edit a limited number of fields, such as name and age, and require time and effort. Digicard Services’ custom ID card printing provides many options that templates don’t, such as embedded digital pictures and other art, and are printed on thick PVC cards by our ID card printers.

Times flies and your kids grow up so fast you can hardly believe it. With our professional looking ID cards, you will have a memento from their childhood that will last.

By Jim Kelly

Business Development Manager / Digicard Services

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Chris Hanson
Author: Chris Hanson